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Just be the best sociopath you can be

Everybody’s got a little of it in ’em.

Granted, there are degrees of behavior that can be described as a bit sociopathic, and then there are places you just don’t want to find yourself in.  One example I can think of is the little story of the person who fancies somebody at a funeral so much they murder a mutual friend to meet them again at the next funeral…

Okay, nobody’s done that.  Nobody I know, hopefully.

But the example is a valid one.  Nobody, and I mean nobody, hasn’t been above engineering a social situation or two to their advantage, and not caring how the others feel.  Nobody is that saintly.  We all do it, consciously or without even thinking about it.  There are the people who will admit this, and there are the hypocrites.

All that I could ask of anyone is that when conspiring to bring about desirable circumstances through the manipulation of others, try not to lie and cheat too much, try not to hurt people too bad, and if you get rumbled, go for laughs.  The best thing to do is make light of your plotting, make fun of yourself, and usually people let it go.  Your friends will.  They’ve all done it.

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