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Many buns in the oven (pt2/2)

Jumping back on the trailer horse for a moment, as much as to commit myself to actually finishing these things as to give anybody else an indication of what’s coming up – although there’s nothing wrong with doing that either – here’s the final part of the teaser.

The Funniest Joke I’ve Ever Told Anybody

…Being the aforementioned monumentally bloated joke of the millennium, arrives at it’s moneyshot through an extended tour of many a strange backwater, weaving jovially between a zombie Joe Pesci, the Cadbury Mafia and Mad Frankie’s Smethwick Mob, the pros and cons of either the nuclear obliteration of Birmingham or it’s more comprehensive surgical removal from history and other acts of governmental conspiracy disguised as existencial mercy.  There’s thrills, theres spills, there fun and romance and there’s the impersonation of a deceased sailor.  There’s a big letdown, most likely.

Captain Googleplanet!

The bastard offspring of a well-meaning ’90s kids cartoon and everyone’s favourite – and in no way Orwellian – all-powerful, omipresent internet colossus, Captain Googleplanet is going to make all our dreams come true, by ‘taking pollution down to Zero!’, if we like it or not.  And how could we possibly complain, it’s only bloody Captain Googleplanet for Chrissakes!  To moan about it would be churlish.  And wrong.

Taking the Nuclear option in Scrabble

Ever wanted a googolplex-sized score in scrabble?  No?  Me neither, but I’m telling you how to do it anyway, simply because I can.

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