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Open Membership

The combined membership of the British National Party boasts less brain matter than that contained in an average can of spam.  Fact.


EDIT: Which is now, for some reason, a broken link.

Going by their own meatheaded ideology, restricting the BNP’s membership to ‘”indigenous British ethnic groups” including the “Anglo-Saxon folk community” and the “Celtic Scottish folk community”‘ is broad-churching on an ignominious scale, as well as invoking the WW2-vintage Volk in a supremely creepy way.  Yeah, the ‘Celtic Scottish folk community’ – purely as a definition – just crosses the qualification line (leaving aside the theory that today’s Scots are descended from Irish immigrant stock), but ‘Anglo-Saxon’?  They all shipped in from – of all places – Saxony.  That’s in Germany, for fact fans.  And what about the Jutes?  And the Picts?  And the Danish?  What about the Vikings in general?  And the French?  Plenty of French in our gene pool.  And the Romans – what of they in our mongrel heritage?

In fact, for the BNP’s stance to be in any way consistent – and this is speaking in the broadest terms – their membership should be restricted to descendents of the ancient Britons.  The guys who immigrated here from the continent after the last ice age.  We’re talking Welsh here.  Probably I’d go so far as to say that membership of the BNP should be restricted to druids and paganistic shamen.

I dare say the British Druid Party would be a more palatable electoral option than this bunch of pigdogs.

From the Beeb article I quote –

BNP leader Nick Griffin has agreed to ask his party to amend its constitution so it does not discriminate on grounds of race or religion, a court heard.

Like – isn’t that defying the basic principle of what the BNP is?  Discriminatory?  Especially on race?  I can see why they talk about Volk Communities now.  They mean race.  They mean the white British race, which anybody with a brain can see is a mashup of everything going from Europe as far back as recorded history can take us.  There is no indigenous race – we’re all immigrants or the sons and daughters of immigrants.  No Homo Britannicus evolved on these shores.  We all come from elsewhere.

The BNP would be dangerous if it had an iota of intelligence.  It’s a hateful thing.

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