This’ll be where I put what I consider to be the choice cuts of my Twitter feed, as soon as I tweet any. Hypothetical, potential, decent tweets.  Not very probable but I must be prepared in case such an event arises.

This is where I live on Twitter –


30-10-2009 #Wrongicons 1

#wrongicons – XD – Loaf Crossing.

#wrongicons – DO – Loaf absolved of all sin.

#wrongicons – wRw – That thing that rappers do with their index and little fingers. No – not Dre. The thing that’s like the Vulcan salute.

#wrongicons – G – foetal position adopted.

#wrongicons – Gp – foetal position adopted, oxygen mask on.

#wrongicons – GB – foetal position adopted, life-vest inflated.

#wrongicons – GBoo000oooOOOO – foetal position adopted, life-vest inflated, trapped in fuselage, drowning

#wrongicons – Do – surprised cyclops.

#wrongicons – HK – girder on picnic table.

#wrongicons – L – Allen Key

#wrongicons – Roo – Woman in hoodie with two children.

#wrongicons – NMNM/ – poorly constructed picket fence.

#wrongicons – LL – Lilly Allen Key

#wrongicons – DDDDDDDD – bakery

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